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About us

“Fill the space beautifully. That is what art means to me. ”


Online art gallery

Mosler’s Arts is a project devised by the gallery owner and artist Elizabeth Mosler, together with a team of professionals specialized in cultural management and new technologies.

As an artist, Elizabeth understands first-hand the needs of today’s artists, especially emerging ones, who are struggling to fully integrate into the art market. Her journey at the head of other cultural projects, such as the “Bombardino Galerie Cafe” with physical headquarters in Madrid, added to her experience as a photographer and painter, endorses her as a professional with years of experience in the cultural and artistic sector .

As an art gallery, Mosler’s Arts is committed to being an online meeting space where works of art are sold on material and digital media. Our vision is to be part of the changes that the art market is experiencing in recent times and to lead the representation of the artistic avant-garde.

To achieve this, our mission is to position ourselves as an effective, safe and committed online art gallery with artists and collectors, guaranteeing the latter the ability to acquire certified works.

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Online art gallery

Artist  Elizabeth Mosler