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Yolanda Delgado Rincón
Yolanda Delgado

Whenever I paint I put my soul on my canvases

Yolanda  Rincón



Oil on canvas

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146 x 130

Oil on canvas

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Acrylic on canvas

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116 x 116

Acrylic on canvas

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Torso masculino

100 x 50

Mixed technique

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Yolanda Delgado Rincón



I begin my pictorial stage at 6 years of age, with a drawing published in the school newspaper. My qualification in the subject of drawing always stands out with Outstanding.

From the age of 10, I win several children’s drawing and painting competitions.

I begin art studies at the School of Applied Arts and Artistic Trades in Algeciras. Year 1994/1995.

I continue studying with the painter Pablo Lanuza in Seville. Year 1995/1996.

He took a monographic course on Modeling in clay, at the School of Applied Arts and Artistic Trades in Seville.

Year 1998/1999.

I begin my painting studies at the Acción Directa art academy in Seville. Sponsored by the professor of Fine Arts of Seville, Jesús Algovi and other painters and teachers of the arts. Since 1996/2000.


Worker for the Arcos 21 Gallery in Seville. Years 2018/2020.

Collective exhibition at the Anticuarium in Seville from May 2 to 13. Year 2018.

Collective exhibition of the Seville City Council February / May respectively. Years 2016/2017.

Individual Exhibition at the Plaza de Armas Shopping Center in Seville, from November 15 to December 15. Year 2016.

Collective exhibition at Galería GimArte Barcelona, from September 4 to 20. Year 2015.

Individual Exhibition at the Hotel Confortel Puerta Triana. Seville from May 15 to June 15, 2015.

Exhibition and project for Noveles Andaluces at the CADE Center, Seville from February 26 to May 26, 2015.

Collective exhibition organized by the Seville City Council from May 6 to 15. Year 2015.

Collective exhibition, organized by the Seville City Council from March 5 to 21. Year 2015.

Collective exhibition at the Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain de Tetouan. Contemporary Museum of Tetouan. Morocco. Year 2014.

Individual exhibition at the headquarters of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. Seville. Year 2014.

Joint exhibition at the Kunstsupermarkt Art Gallery. Berlin Year 2013.

Collective exhibition at school, Direct Action. Seville. Years 2000 and 2010 .

Individual exhibition at Galería Román. Seville. Year 2008.

Collective exhibition in the Gines Exhibition Hall. Together with Pablo Lanuza and other painters. Seville, Year 1996.

Cartoonist for the newspaper “Economía Andaluza” edited by Andaluza de Medios. Seville. Year 1996/2001.

Cartoonist for the Boropa Publications company. Seville, Year 1997.